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Windows have been made from paper, flattened pieces of animal horn, even thinly sliced marble. The Romans were the first to use glass for windows and glass remained a precious commodity for centuries after.
A simple solution to the problem of high glass cost was to divide large window expanses into smaller sections or “lites.” The traditional charm of divided windows is still popular, although today there are a number of ways of achieving the look of a multi-lite window.




TDL (True Divided Lite)
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TDL (True Divided Lite)

The True Divided Lite window is the one most people recognize and are familiar with. Each divided section is an individual pane, or matrix of panes (see Glass Options). Although a particularly good choice for single-pane windows, double-panes can be done as well.


SDL (Simulated Divided Lite)
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SDL (Simulated Divided Lite)
Simulated Divided Lite windows make it possible to achieve a divided-lite window look using only one pane (or double-pane matrix) in the window. Placing mullions on the outside of the glass produces the impression of separate panes. SDL windows create fewer points for water and drafts to enter.

Although Wooden Window does not offer them, there are two other types of divided lites.

Clip-On Grill Click to Enlarge

Clip-On Grill
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Clip-On Grille

Clip-On Grille windows use a wooden grid that is applied to the outside of the window and that can be removed for easy cleaning. Clip-On-Grilles are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

GBG (Grilles Between Glass) Click to Enlarge

GBG (Grill Between Glass)
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GBG (Grilles Between Glass)

Another option for double-pane applications,  Grille- Between-Glass windows bring the easy cleaning of Clip-On-Gilles to double-pane windows by sandwiching the mullions between the glass panes.


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