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Standard Glass and Features

Glass is available in a variety of tints, thicknesses, patterns and designs to shape light, provide security, control sound and add a key accent to the design of your home.For traditionalists, there is single strength glass, annealed and without imperfections. For those wanting to enhance their security and protection from UV rays, there is laminated glass. And for those fighting the elements, there is insulated glass for maximum energy conservation. Wooden Window can provide tempered, LowE, restoration and obscure glass, as well as virtually any decorative glass type including Vintage, Beveled and Stained Glass.

The examples below show typical configurations. Please contact Wooden Window for further details and specifications.



Single Pane Glass
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Standard Glass

Glass sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses. Single-strength glass is typically 3⁄32 in. thick. Double-Strength glass is 1⁄8 to 3⁄16. Wooden Window offers low-iron (optically clear) glass as well as machine glass for restoration projects. Machine glass is slightly wavy and “imperfect” to match the glass used decades ago.

A number of glass coatings can also be ordered, usually in conjunction with insulated glass configurations. These coatings can further refine thermal insulation, R-values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC).

Glass sheets can also be tempered. Tempered glass qualifies as Safety Glass and shatters into small particles, rather than sharp shards when broken.


Laminated Glass
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Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is made up of two glass sheets “sandwiched” into a double thickness matrix. Various thicknesses of sheet glass can be laminated together. Between the sheets of glass is a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyrol) interlayer available in a variety of thickness, either clear or pigmented. White interlayers can be used to achieve a “frosted glass” effect.

Laminated glass also qualifies as Safety Glass. When laminated glass breaks, the flexible interlayer binds the shards together so that sharp edges are not exposed. Laminated glass composites can be tailored to provide UV blocking and sound control.


Double Pane Window
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Insulated Glass

Multiple-pane glass assemblies (dual pane, thermal pane, dual glazed, IGU [Insulated Glass Unit]) can be specified to increase insulation values, control sound and minimize UV transmission. The airspace between panes can be filled with inert gasses to achieve different insulation properties.

Any of the glass options described can be combined with double or triple pane window configurations. Glass thickness and the spacing between panes can be varied to achieve differing insulation characteristics and aesthetic effects.


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Triple Pane Window
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The spacer bars between glass sheets are available in several colors. Low Emissivity (LowE) coatings are also available inside of the unit to reflect energy and keep heat in, in winter, or out in summer.

For historical restoration work, thinner matrix configurations can be created to  install into existing historical sash units.

Dynamic Glass



Pacific Heights, San Francisco


Apple iPad® Interface

View, a manufacturer of highly energy efficient dynamic glass for buildings, has teamed up with Wooden Window to create a showcase home environment and show off their View Dynamic Glass technology in a Wooden Window specialized casement for a private residence in San Francisco.

This Pacific Heights third floor condo has retained its original façade and utilizes the View Dynamic Glass electrochromic technology to allow the glass to transition from clear to tinted on demand and enable control of heat and glare while providing greater comfort, uninterrupted views and natural daylight.

The beauty of this technology in homes is that the trigger for this performance switching can be controlled either automatically, through its own integrated ntelligent control program, or actively, allowing the user to override program settings with a wall switch or wireless mobile device like an Apple iPad®.

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