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Glossary of Terms

During your window or door project you will hear many unfamiliar terms used by architects, contractors, dealers or manufacturers. We hope this glossary of terms will prove a useful tool.

Casement Window
A window that is hinged to open either outward, inward or is fixed. Hinged casement windows include:

  • Awning
    Hinged at the top.
  • Center Pivot (dean)
    Rotating on a center horizontal or vertical axis.
  • Hopper
    Hinged at the bottom.

An abrasion resistant, pre-finished, extruded aluminum material put on exteriors for a low maintenance finish.

Double-Hung Window
A window with two movable sashes that slide in a vertical track.

Double-Paned/Insulated Glass 
A window pane where two panes of glass are set together to improve insulation.

Friction Hinge
Type of hardware which allows casement windows to open and stay in place.

Glass Types:

  • Annealed
    Poor sound barrier with weak insulating properties, commonly found in older homes.
  • Laminated
    Two pieces of glass bonded together with a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer, for sound attenuation, UV reduction, security and earthquake safety.
  • Low-E
    Less penetration of UV light rays, improved insulation, higher R rating, most often found in insulated glass units.
  • Tempered
    Safety glass that resists breakage.

The wood surround (top, two sides and the sill) of a window or door that fits into a rough opening in a structure. A sash fits inside the jamb.

A piece of glass surrounded by wood- also called a pane. Often used when referring to multiple panes.

Muntins (Mutts)
The narrow strips of wood between lites.

Ogee Lug
A curved ornamental part that hangs down from the lower corners of upper sashes in double-hung windows.

As in window pane, also called a lite.

Parting Bead
A small strip of wood that runs vertically to separate the upper and lower sash of a double-hung window.

A wheel with a grooved rim set at the top of a jamb; used for guiding the sash cord in double-hung windows.

Putty/Glazing Compound
Air-tight, water-tight sealant used on window exteriors.

A horizontal member that fits between vertical members to form a window sash. There is a top and bottom rail on each window sash.

The wood that surrounds a pane or panes of glass. Consists of a top rail, bottom rail, a stile on each side and muntins if more than one lite (pane).

Sash Cord
Small ropes that connect controlling weights to the sashes of older double-hung windows.

The horizontal member at the bottom of a window frame.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
Muntin bars are permanently adhered to both sides of a piece of glass to give the impression of separate panes.

The vertical member of each side of each sash, joined together by stop and bottom rails.

The shelf-like wooden member on the inside of a window commonly referred to as the “window sill”.

True Divided Lites (TDL) or Authentic Divided Lites (ADL)
When wooden muntins surround individual panes of glass in a sash.

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