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Door and Window Screens

The first window screens were made of cheesecloth (similar to the mosquito netting used over camp beds), and it’s difficult to say when they first appeared, but the wire screens most of us grew up with came on the American scene around 1823.

The first manufactured versions showed up in 1861, when an employee at a company that manufactured wire mesh sieves for food processing realized that the material could be painted gray and sold for windows.

Today, the most common materials used for window screens are fiberglass and aluminum. Nylon and Polyester are also available for larger openings or applications requiring more surface strength.

Door and window screens can do more than shun unwanted crawly visitors. Mesh screens partially block and diffuse sunlight, cutting heat gain.

Retractable screens are a nice way to enjoy the utility of screens when they’re needed, but slip them invisibly out of the way when they’re not.



Retractable Screens


These screens are a functional and elegant way to screen wood windows. Once in place, this retractable window screen is available for use when needed.

  • Smooth, easy operation with the touch of a finger
  • Speed reducer (brake) provides safety and controlled retraction
  • Adjustable handles
  • Pull cord for use on taller applications





Wood Screens


  • Historically accurate to the door or window design
  • Sturdier than aluminum screens
  • Paintable
  • Installs from inside or outside the frame
  • 3 types of screen material available

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Aluminum Frame Screens


  • Finishes: Natural Metal, White, Bronze or painted to match window or door frame


Screen Material




Fiberglass screen material comes in a variety of colors.  The color range available depends on the product chosen.

Wooden Window also offers BetterVue® screen material



Metal screens are available in bronze and a variety of other patinas, as well as galvanized metal.






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