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Craftsmanship making history.

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Craftsmanship Making History


Today’s Wooden Window began its life back in 1980, when it’s owner, Bill Essert, a musician in the Oakland Symphony, met the company’s founder and fellow musician, Robert Prestegaard.

Bill and Robert struck up a friendship that led to Robert’s company renovating windows on some properties Bill managed, leading to the possibility of Bill taking over Robert’s company. The fit seemed a good one, the deal was made and the current Wooden Window was born.


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The years that followed saw significant expansion, multiple moves to larger spaces, and the acquisition of personnel, vehicles, interstate and international work, CNC machines and a new Principal and Vice President of Engineering, Mark Christiansen.

Re-Engineering-Historical-ProfilesTechnology tours in Europe resulted in the adoption of first Betsy and then Molly, our beloved CNC machines. The company introduced door fabrication and moved into the commercial arena with work on the historic Montgomery Building in San Francisco. Other companies were acquired to expand Wooden Window’s capabilities, and our work even earned us a couple of stints on HGTV.

WW-sander-002Today, Wooden Window is a design/build manufacturer of flawlessly crafted, custom doors and windows. With over 30 years experience working with architects, contractors and homeowners, Wooden Window’s fusion of digital design/manufacture and guild quality hand craftsmanship has made it Northern California’s standard for excellence in door and window fabrication.

Litchfield_Installation_114Virtually any wood species, glass type or hardware option is available, and Wooden Window’s expert customer representatives make certain that every project — large or small, commercial or residential — receives the attention and commitment that ensure an ideal product and trouble-free installation, every time.

Wooden Window Timeline



Cutting-Edge Technology Recreates the Past

CNC-MillingIn a newly expanded workshop and showroom located in West Oakland, CA, the company utilizes two state-of-the-art CNC machines and other breakthrough technologies as well as a team of experienced craftspeople to create beautiful wooden products. This high-touch/high-tech mix of capabilities results in the on-time completion of even large-scale projects, one door or window at a time and is the reason that you can be certain that each unit is perfectly tailored to perform perfectly in the unique jamb or   sash in which it will live.











  • Installation & other fenestration services
  • Value engineering
  • Wood rehabilitation
  • Perfect-to-match reproductions
  • Window forensics
  • Specifications and shop drawings
  • Performance glazing


  • Weatherization
  • Custom designs
  • Multi-point latching systems
  • Enhanced security
  • Sound proofing
  • Leaded and stained glass
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) harvested lumber


Commitment to Our Natural Environment

We offer Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber for the manufacturing of your new/replacement doors and windows.

Our factory has been designed for the automated, efficient collection and storage of the one byproduct of our manufacturing process, sawdust. We “dispose” of it through donation to local farmers for use as a compostable mulch, organic insect repellant and all-natural weed deterrent. Wood end-cuts and rippings are donated to the local reuse community; as are windows removed from our installation projects.

Our award-winning restoration work seeks to sustain the life of any existing door or window and in fabrication, adopt efficiencies that maximize our use of harvested material.

About Wooden Window

Since 1980, Wooden Window has been restoring and constructing fine wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California.

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David did a great job of designing what fit the style of our house. The installers were very professional and extremely talented artisans.

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