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Transom/Clerestory Windows

A venting or fixed window high on the wall, often above a door that brings light to the center of the room and possibly aids with ventilation. Applicable Projects Monterey Blvd. ~ San Francisco, CA

Awning (Casement) Windows

Casement, hopper and awning windows are three variations of the same frame design, with the difference based on hinge location. Casement windows have a hinge at the side; awning windows have hinges located at the top, and hopper windows are an inverted version of the awning windows with hinges located at the bottom. These models provide higher energy-efficiency than that provided by gliding and double-hung windows. They are particularly energy-efficient and provide excellent ventilation. They are also very air-tight. Applicable Projects Bohemian Club ~ San Francisco Caperton St. ~ Piedmont, CA Park Way ~ Piedmont, CA

Lipped French Casements

A lipped/French Casement Window is a French Casement without an astragal.  The meeting stiles interconnect but are flush with the inner and outer sash surface.  Typically a soft reveal line or bead is carved into one of the stiles to give it a uniform look and feel, as one of the meeting stiles tends to be a bit wider than the other. Applicable Projects

European Tilt & Turn

These are three windows in one; depending on the handle position. They can be set as a fixed window (handle in 6 o'clock position), operated as in-swing casement window (handle in 9 o'clock position) and tilt-in-from-the top (like a 'hopper' window; handle in 12 o'clock position). Tilt-turn windows are easy to reach from the inside for cleaning and maintenance and also offer added security and draft-free ventilation. The highest performing window on the market, the Tilt-turn window combines long lasting beauty and easy dependable operation. It has become the market leader in residential and commercial construction in Germany since the 1960's. The tilt-turn window concept has now gained wide acceptance inside and outside of Europe. Applicable Projects

Ceiling Lens

Also known as Skylights; typically a Fixed/Picture window at the top center of a room which brings natural light to an area during the daytime (eliminating the need for artificial lighting during said time). Ceiling lens' from the Historic Old Administration Building of Fresno City College. Applicable Projects HOAB, Fresno City College ~ Fresno, CA The McDonald Mansion ~ Santa Rosa, CA

Eyebrow Windows

An Eyebrow window is at least partially arched at the top, hence the name. Typically the radius of the arch is equal to the width of the unit as this is considered aesthetically proportionate. Applicable Projects

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Since 1980, Wooden Window has been restoring and constructing fine wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California.

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