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February 21, 2013

Your front door is the gateway to your home, where you leave the world behind as you enter your personal world – and it turns out, color is a big part of the experience. There’s a lot to consider both   psychologically and even spiritually, when you select a color for your front door.


Blue – Shown to be a very popular color for a front door, blue denotes the feeling of entering a place of refuge. It allows the person entering to feel the calm, relaxed and serene environment associated with the color of the sky and water.

Green – Also a very popular color, green brings to mind health, harmony and outdoors. These are all very good attributes for a home environment.

White – White is the classic front door color. White throughout history represents virtue, purity and simplicity.

Black – Black is sophisticated, powerful and serious. Often seen on very expensive homes…makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

hbx-red-front-door-fulk-0611-lgnRed – A very passionate and resonate color, red brings the idea of life, energy, and excitement. In early American culture a red front door meant that your home was a welcome place to visit or stop during your travels. No better way to say “Welcome!”

Natural Wood – Often we may choose not to paint our door, but leave it stained or natural. Brown does convey organic, naturalness and stability, but an old door that is natural and not kept up might suggest a desire for privacy or isolation instead.

Wooden-Door-(2)Of course color is one consideration, but keeping your front door open, inviting and free from clutter (like kid’s toys!) is important too. Add well-functioning door and window hardware — and good lighting — and you’re set for a grand entrance to your personal space. Let us know if you need a consultation for new door to your home. We have lots of options and know some great painters who can help you with your choice. Check out our painting partners here.

My front door?  I am thinking about a change, maybe red. I love a bright, inviting lift to the end of my weary day. What about you?

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Since 1980, Wooden Window has been constructing and restoring fine and custom-made wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California. Whether a homeowner or building pro, you’ll appreciate our decades of experience and unique mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


About Wooden Window

Since 1980, Wooden Window has been restoring and constructing fine wooden doors and windows for residences and commercial buildings throughout California.

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