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Hamilton Avenue Storefronts

When Santa Clara Development, ELS Architecture and South Bay Construction needed retail entries for their "Alvin's Corner" mixed-use project on Hamilton Avenue in Campbell, they selected Wooden Window to custom fabricate solid doors and windows for 25 arched storefronts. Alvin's Corner is made up of 3 floors of high-end housing above a retail ground floor. Storefronts for the retail outlets were crafted of stain-grade solid oak and installed by Wooden Window--including all necessary hardware.   Although still under construction, the residents of Campbell are soon to enjoy a new selection of their favorite retailers, as well as the availability of dozens of new luxury housing units.

Mission Marvel

It took Clarum Homes to transplant the traditional Mission architecture of Santa Barbara to the Los Altos hills. It took Wooden Window to develop, fabricate and install doors and windows that incorporated the latest features in operation, energy efficiency and home security, while staying faithful to the Mission Style.     Wooden Window created all the doors and windows for this extraordinary home. The design showcases energy-efficient Mission and European-style Standard Divided Lite insulated windows throughout, some incorporating leaded glass.  Door designs were also something special. Upper floor “faux French Door” sets that were fabricated to appear as a traditional double French Door set, were actually single pocket door assemblies that slid fully back into adjacent walls, completely opening the rooms to the outside. The units even had sliding screens. Multi-point locksets insured homeowner security while the home’s wine cellar featured a unique, “dutch” door, whose intricate upper panel opens to reveal insulated leaded glass to maintain the cellar temperature. Casement windows highlight a full, professional kitchen featuring Mediterranean tile and Spanish pavers that opens onto the dining room through massive walnut paneled entry doors. A special project for a special client. Thank you Clarum Homes.    

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Michael and Xochi Birch are not your average tech millionaires, nor is their new social club, The Battery, your average old-guard private club. You won’t see Google buses dropping off or picking up techies, although you might see a local artist or foodie glide in through the front door to the sleek, avant-guard restaurant. Michael and Xochi met in England and found the pub scene there to be warm and engaging, with a constant flow of diverse locals and students interacting freely with each other. When moving to the Bay Area, they found that the segmented private clubs made it hard to meet interesting people. So, when they sold off their social media business Bebo to AOL for $850 million dollars, they decided to create a new kind of local club that would appeal to the richly varied culture unique to San Francisco--a place where wide-ranging interests and myriad points of view could come find a welcoming setting. Meet The Battery. Originally built in 1907, the newest incarnation of the Musto Plaza Building at 717 Battery, is a 14 suite luxury boutique hotel, a 3,000 bottle wine cellar, roof deck garden, four bar, library, and private club with a public restaurant. It is also a historic landmark and that's where Wooden Window comes in. Wooden Window has more experience working with landmark commercial buildings than any other door and window company in California. Michael and Xochi knew we had the right stuff to create doors and windows that would transform the building from old marble factory to cosmopolitan social hub. Perhaps you will take a look at The Battery next time you are in the Financial District and let us know what you think.

Feeling Blue?

Your front door is the gateway to your home, where you leave the world behind as you enter your personal world – and it turns out, color is a big part of the experience. There’s a lot to consider both   psychologically and even spiritually, when you select a color for your front door. Blue - Shown to be a very popular color for a front door, blue denotes the feeling of entering a place of refuge. It allows the person entering to feel the calm, relaxed and serene environment associated with the color of the sky and water. Green – Also a very popular color, green brings to mind health, harmony and outdoors. These are all very good attributes for a home environment. White – White is the classic front door color. White throughout history represents virtue, purity and simplicity. Black – Black is sophisticated, powerful and serious. Often seen on very expensive homes…makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Red – A very passionate and resonate color, red brings the idea of life, energy, and excitement. In early American culture a red front door meant that your home was a welcome place to visit or stop during your travels. No better way to say “Welcome!” Natural Wood – Often we may choose not to paint our door, but leave it stained or natural. Brown does convey organic, naturalness and stability, but an old door that is natural and not kept up might suggest a desire for privacy or isolation instead. Of course color is one consideration, but keeping your front door open, inviting and free from clutter (like kid’s toys!) is important too. Add well-functioning door and window hardware -- and good lighting -- and you’re set for a grand entrance to your personal space. Let us know if you need a consultation for new door to your home. We have lots of options and know some great painters who can help you with your choice. Check out our painting partners here. My front door?  I am thinking about a change, maybe red. I love a bright, inviting lift to the end of my weary day. What about you?

Custom Garden Gate Rennovation ~Piedmont, CA

Wooden Window was able to faithfully reproduce the original gate in Mahogany wood and the original spindles and wrought iron hardware were saved and used for  the new gate. Customer testimonial: "Our gate sets a beautiful entry to our home.  We were so pleased that Bill was able to reproduce the original design." G.L.

Custom Doors and Garden Gate ~ San Francisco, CA

Customer testimonial: "Richard and I are more than pleased with our new gate and doors.  They do indeed make a special statement, and they are as functional as they are beautiful." C.L.

2012 NARI Winner

Mid-century modern home remodeling projects are typically not the types that create headlines. But late last month, at its annual awards celebration in Dallas, Texas, the National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) presented its Contractor of the Year award (entire house, project exceeding $1 million) to McCutcheon Construction of Berkeley for a project completed in May 2011: the entire makeover of mid-century modern home in Tiburon, California that had not been modified since its construction. Originally built in the 1950s, the house – just 2,000 square feet in size – had been inherited by a long-term resident of San Francisco, who questioned whether the residence could ever be compelling enough to lure her out of the City. But in the end, that’s exactly what happened. Renown designer John Wheatman of San Francisco created the overall aesthetic for this remodel, which was managed by Michael McCutcheon, who is the President of McCutcheon Construction. Other notable sub-contractors involved in the project were Wooden Window of Oakland, Chistman Electrical of Napa, and Greg Rossi Tile of Martinez. Essential to the success of this remodel, the entire home was reconsidered to optimize usability, indoor-outdoor livability, and proximity to glorious views of the San Francisco Bay and the City beyond. Many aspects of this project were relatively minor in scale. In fact, all construction was managed within the original roofline of the structure. Even so, the transformation was dramatic.    

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